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Board Games for Seniors

Board games never go out of fashion and they can make for a wonderful time of fun and an activity which stretches the mind and requires tenacity and sometimes a bit of a ruthless streak. Here we take a look at some of the old favorites when it comes to board games for seniors.

Trivial Pursuit
Trivial Pursuit is a board game based on general knowledge on various subjects and the object of the game is to progress round the board answering questions. Wedged color sections represent the topics of geography, science, entertainment, arts, sports and history. Each player has a wheel spoke and once they have completed a category by answering questions correctly they can slot their wedge into their spoke. The first person to complete their spoke with all six categories wins the game.
Trivial Pursuit was launched in the early 1980s and has long since been enjoyed globally. It’s a great game to show off your knowledge and skill.

Monopoly is enjoyed by Americans and is a classic game for wheelers and dealers. It’s a game of strategy and is based on property buying. Played with dice, each player has a token and moves around the board in turn. They land on streets and they can then choose to buy houses to place on their streets. If another player lands on their streets then they have to pay rent. When at least 4 houses are built on the streets, the player can then move on to buying hotels. The famous ‘Go to Jail’ card which states ‘Do not pass go, do not collect two hundred pounds” comes from Monopoly. It’s a great game and the object is to have the monopoly on as many streets as possible. Monopoly was originally based on famous London streets but has since been modified for country-purpose. It’s a long game and one which can be left and returned to.

Scrabble is a dictionary game and the object is to gain the highest scoring points from forming words on a board. Each player has a rack of seven letters and must form words as long as there are no proper nouns such as place names and names of people. Each word will produce a score and as rounds progress, scores are added as words are formed by each player. A dictionary can be used if a word is challenged only. If a word is successfully challenged by another player, then the player will lose any points from that round and miss a turn. If any player forms a word from all seven letters then they can claim fifty bonus points. Once a player has used all his letters then the game ends and other players’ letters are gathered and added to the winner’s score and deducted from their own scores.
Scrabble is played all over the world and there are championships and leagues. It’s serious stuff but a wonderful game based on the crossword game.

Life is such an apt name for a board game and absolutely suitable for seniors who have led a full ‘life’. The game basically enables you to build a life with pieces and you can earn money and end up being a millionaire. It’s a wonderful game and masses of fun as you enter a battle of wills to build ‘your life’. This game has helped endless young people re-think their life and it has helped them to build success in real life.

This is hilarious and really stretches your imagination. The game is played on the basis of forming scenarios which can be from a film or a book or a news event. You’re given a token and you move around the board and when you land on a place, you’re instructed to pick up a card and you form a scenario of which other people have to guess the category. This game will have your imagination running wild and almost anything goes.
Board games have a knack of bringing people together and much fun is to be had with this type of game. More serious games such as chess are challenging and take skill and tactical play but are still enjoyable games. With the modern-day technology and games available online, never forget that an old-fashioned board game is still just as much fun.

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