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Entertaining Card Games for Seniors

It’s frankly amazing how much fun can be had from a simple deck of cards. Cards have been around for centuries and games can be played with more than two people. You can play solitaire alone, of course, but here we look at some games which will give hours of entertainment for two or more players.
Chase the Ace
Loved by young and old, Chase the Ace has the thrill of winning yet the agony of losing and you can either play for pennies or matchsticks. The object of the game is not to be left with the lowest card number and the Ace card in this game is the lowest number you can be left with. This is an excellent group game and the fun is raised with more players.
Each player takes a card from the deck and the player who draws the highest card is the dealer. Each player takes three pennies or poker chips and the dealer deals one card to each player. Each player looks at their card and decides if they would like to keep it or exchange. Playing clock-wise from the left of the dealer, if a player wants to change his/her card then the player must change unless they have a King: if that player has a King then they must display the King card. This gives this player immunity from the round. Once the round has made it back to the dealer then he/she will decide if they would like to change and all cards must go back to the bottom of the pack. Whoever has the lowest card has to give up one of their counters or poker chips and the player who loses all of their chips is out. A great fun game and it can be played with up to 52 players.
Crazy Eights Card Game
The game objective is to be the first player to get rid of their cards. This can be played with a standard deck of cards. Each player has five cards and the remaining cards are placed in the center with the top card turned up as the discard stack. The players then see if they have cards which relate in numbers or suit to the upturned card. If the player has no card relating to the card then they must pick up a card from the pile. The eights are the ones which can make up any foursome of suits or colors. If you have an eight, play it. It can be declared as any card. The player who gets rid of all of their cards wins and all cards remaining are added up. If you’re left with an eight, oh dear, an eight is worth twenty points.
An old favorite which has been around since the early 20th century, Rummy’s object is to get rid of all the cards in the player’s hand by means of suits or colors. This can be done with a three or four hand in numbers or suits. Once you have a suit or color in either three or four hands then these can be placed down facing upwards. Each player picks up a card and must discard the card back to the discard pile. The rounds continue until one player has seven cards in one straight run of suits or has a three suit and four suit card hands.
I Doubt It
This game can be played with six to eight players and uses two decks of cards which should be identical packs and these are dealt out to all players. Each player begins a discard pile and states Kings and how many cards he’s played down and as the round progresses each player discloses the number of cards he’s placed down. The ‘doubting’ can be claimed by the next player as they should be able to tell who’s fibbing and who’s telling the truth. If it comes to light that some poetic license has been used, that player has to pick up the discarded pack. When a player has played all of his hand, he then wins and must place his last card face up. Just to prove to the doubters that he’s telling the truth.
Card games are fantastic fun and are great for a rainy afternoon or an evening of fun and joviality. There are many games available and you could arrange regular card game evenings or afternoons.

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