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HEALTHY AGING: Music Soothes the Soul

Dozens of studies from leading institutions show that music can offset stress, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, improve immune function and support restful sleep. So play a tune or two of much loved music and let the calming effects induce a state of relaxation. According to the American Society of Hypertension, classical music, the blues and other soothing music work best because they cause the body to release endorphins and slow breathing rates. It’s better yet if our favorite music inspires stress-releasing body movement.

Simple Stress Busters:
When chronic stress remains unresolved, it extracts a toll on health that may range from heart disease and stroke to obesity, gastrointestinal problems and depression.

Eat Mindfully:
Chocolate can be an excellent antidote to stress-related binge eating. We rarely eat mindfully. We’re usually gulping down our food while watching TV or reading a book. Eating in silence for at least one meal is better for your health.

Walk a Labyrinth:
A meditative walk may be just what the doctor ordered. A labyrinth differs from a maze, which has high walls and many dead ends. Walking a maze is inevitably stressful; a labyrinth is the exact opposite effect. There is only one path in and one path out. You go to the middle meditate and walk back out. It’s perfectly calming walking meditation.

Shake or laugh it off:
Anyone has ever felt like exploding from tight shoulders, indigestion, headaches, or other conditions caused by accumulated stress can benefit from a whole body shake. Just stand with your feet firmly planted and start shaking-first your feet, then your legs, arms, head and neck and eventually your whole body for at least two to three minutes. You’ll shake off all of that tension, energize every cell and probably start laughing, another great stress reliever. Laughter increases production of the protective cells that boost immune function.

Create A Memory Garden:
When we are in a place that brings happy memories to mind, we let go of stress and stop the release of cortisol. It helps to just think of a place where we have been happy. Create a home space with plants, photos of happy family gatherings that can trigger fond memories.

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