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Imperial Club Spotlight Leonard Tuch

Leonard was born June 20 1927, in Lemberg Poland. His family moved to the United States, where they lived in Brooklyn, New York. His mother was Catholic and his father was Jewish, and at the age of 5 his mother had him baptized. His mother and father were divorced and Leonard was put in an orphanage for two years. His relatives, an uncle and aunt, took him out of the orphanage and raised him in the Jewish faith. Wanting to know about his mother, his aunt told him she had died. At 13 he made his Bar Mitzvah, now being Jewish. Leonard went to the school of Industrial Arts and majored in drafting. When he was seventeen he enlisted in the Army Air Corp, and served from 1944 to 1947. Leonard received a letter from his mother, who was working during the war for The Underground. They located his army address and gave it to his mother. After serving two years he was ready to be discharged, and he told his commanding officer the story of his mother. His commanding officer said, “If you sign up for another year, you can be shipped to Paris France to see your mother,” so he signed up. The Army shipped him to Paris, and Leonard saw his mother after fourteen years had passed. It was a joyous reunion.
When Leonard returned to civilian life, he met and married Doris and they were married for 39 years. Unfortunately, Doris passed away from cancer. He then met and married Elizabeth and they were married for ten years, she also passed away. However Leonard says, “I had two perfect happy marriages.” Leonard studied voice and music theory at Manhattan School of Music, and his hobby was singing, and still is. He sang with the Nova Singers, one Hundred Fifty Voices, for three years. For thirty years Leonard worked as a printing production estimator for Transkirt Corporation, who had five plants and two thousand employees. Leonard moved to Florida and lived in Sunny Isles until moving to the Imperial Club six months ago. He is very content and happy here. He says, “The people and staff are very helpful and in good spirits, which makes everyday a joy and a good environment.” He enjoys his apartment and is a chow hound, so he likes the meals. He wishes for all his fellow residents good times and happy living. Welcome, Leonard to our family.

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