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Imperial Club Spotlight: Martin Greenberg

Martin Greenberg was born in New York City, on May 26, 1923, to Benjamin and Yetta Greenberg. He is the oldest of four children. When he was six and a half years old, his family moved to Flatbush, where Martin attended elementary and high school. During his high school years, Martin got a job as a diamond polisher, but he didn’t want to do that for the rest of his life. After finishing school, in 1942, he enlisted in, at the time what was called, the Army Air-Force and went to Monroe, Louisiana for his Aviation Cadet Course. Martin was a navigator on a B24 liberator, and was based in Italy. He has many stories to tell of his time in the military. Martin was teenage friends with a girl who lived in his neighborhood. One day he looked across the street, when he came home from the war and said,” I saw this beautiful babe,” and that was when the love affair began. Doris and Martin were married a year later. Martin was very good with numbers, he asked his staff officer, what should he do? His officer was an accountant, so Martin decided to attend NYU to study to be an accountant, and became a CPA. Doris and Martin had two children, a son Neal, who was an executive for Billboard Magazine, and a daughter Ronnie, who is a Special Education Teacher in New York. After the children were born, the family moved to Ellenville, New York, where Martin had an accounting firm. They had a great group of friends in Ellenville, and would go out for dinner and dancing quite often. Doris became known as Doris the Dancer! They lived there for 50 years, but the cold weather began to affect Doris, so they became snowbirds and came to Florida in 1988 and continued to be snowbirds for three years. They bought a condo in Aventura and moved permanently. They were so familiar to this area and Martin saw that Doris was starting to decline cognitively. This is when they moved to the Imperial Club. You would always see them dancing at the pool socials or and any party. Unfortunately, Doris passed away June 22, 2014. Martin is getting along and very happy he is here with us.

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