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Keep in Touch with Ease in Today’s Era of Technology

Connecting with those pals from your youth is much easier now in today’s era of technology. All it takes to find that long-lost friend might simply be a swift Google search or a quick Facebook query. Gone are the days of browsing through phone books made from recycled pulp, dialing directory assistance, or forgetting addresses. Technology has made our world immensely smaller with those seemingly far-flung family members residing in foreign locales only as far away from you as you are from your computer or phone. With the release of Skype in 2003, Skype has quickly become one of the easiest ways to communicate face-to-face worldwide. Besides Skype, other simple ways to use today’s tech to communicate include sending out emails, texting, and the myriad of other incredibly useful tools that smartphones (such as Apple’s iPhones 6 or Android’s Samsung Galaxy) can deliver. Applications or apps (as they are commonly called) can be downloaded onto your smart phone to use and range from categories like education, finance, and lifestyle to games, photography, music, and more. Books can easily be downloaded and read, maps can be enabled with GPS to help you get where you need to be, and some smartphones even have a virtual assistant (e.g. iPhone’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana) that can help you schedule tasks, check the weather, and call your friends. Overall, today’s technology has changed how we communicate by bringing everybody closer together, no matter how far away they might be!

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