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Meet Imperial Club resident – Abner Moyal

Abner Moyal was born in Morocco, he was one of four children, four boys. His mother was a housewife and his father a businessman. After Abner had his Bar Mitzvah, he had to learn a trade. He apprenticed for a tailor and at the age of twenty, he already was a jacket maker. He went to Darroux, School of Design, in Paris for design and pattern making. While going to school he worked to make a living. Two months after he arrived in Paris, his Fiancé came to Paris from Morocco and they were married in December of 1948. They had four boys, and now have four grandsons. Abner became a very good tailor and put himself into business in 1957, after working for many tailors and companies.
When he came to the United States in 1969 he worked for Lanes Tailoring for $3.25 an hour. The owner of the store told him that if he opened up his own business, he could make a lot more $10-$12 an hour. His first store was at 360 NE 167th street and then moved to 163rd Street, across from the mall. He had his business for 35 years.
All of his sons were born in Paris. His oldest son has his PHD in 3 languages: French, English and Spanish, and is now retired and lives in San Miguel D’Allinda, Mexico. His other sons are still working. Gilbert is a tailor, Patrick is an account, and William is a chiropractor on South Beach in Miami. Abner and his wife were married for sixty years. She became ill and passed away. He remained in his apartment at Mystic Point for some time after she passed. After becoming ill, Abner went to rehabilitation, his children and good friend Dr. Cohen decided it was best for him to move to the Imperial Club. He has only been here since January 2014 and is starting to meet new friends and get acclimated to his new home. We are so happy to have Abner here, another member of our family.

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