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Meet Imperial Club Resident Charlotte Perry

Charlotte Perry is a native of Baltimore, and daughter of the late Cryrus W. Marshall Sr. and Elizabeth H. Marshall Jr. Charlotte is also the first cousin of the late Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall. Charlotte is the proud mother of two outstanding children: daughter, Marsha C. Jordan , a retired elementary teacher, and a son William R. Perry III, President and CEO of WRP Transportation, WRP and Associates, Knight-Perry International Group. Charlotte was educated in Baltimore City Schools, a graduate of Douglas High School in 1941, and a graduate of Coppin State Teachers’ College in 1949. She retired in 1983 from Baltimore City Public Schools System where she served as teacher and senior teacher in several schools. In 1986, Charlotte began teaching at Bethel Christian School, serving as consultant, teacher and assistant. She left Bethel in 1996. Charlotte moved to Harlem Avenue in November of 1951. She joined Evergreen Protective Association in 1955. Her positions included block captain, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, and president. She worked with the City Fair, Summer Corps, initiated Chemical People Task Force. In 1983 as a result of working with other members, she’s tutored youth at Union Memorial Church and organized a basketball team. She also served on Evergreen’s Coordinating Council on Criminal Justice. A President of Edmonson Community organizations, coordinator of Evergreen’s booth at the annual Fun Festival, member of the Association of Rosemont Community Organization, President, Vice President, recording secretary of Western District Community Relations Council, Mayor’s Drug Advisory Board, Governor’s Chemical Task force, Den Mother, and board member of the Encore Dinner Theater. Charlotte began attending Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church when she was four years old and joined when she was twelve years old. She served as Elder, Deacon, Trustee, Church School Teacher and Missionary in Jamaica. She served as superintendent of Church School and Director of Christian education for twenty years. She also was the coordinator of the after school tutorial program for two years. Charlotte has received many honors. Shortly after the death of her beloved companion of more than thirty years, John H. Thompson, Charlotte moved to Miami. She initially resided with her son & family. After a year, Charlotte moved to the Imperial club where she has made many friends and enjoys the many activities that the Imperial Club offers. Charlotte gives honor and glory to God for her abundant blessings and strength to do all that she has been able to do and all that she does. “The Lord is my provider”, says Charlotte M. Perry.

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