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Meet Imperial Club Resident Laura Reiss

Laura Reiss was born in Berlin, Germany on November 1, 1922 to Selma and Max Wolf, she is an only child. She grew up in Berlin, where she attended elementary and high school. At age 10 she started to learn her first foreign language which was French. At this time the Jews in Germany were still doing quite well, until the Crystal Knight and then it was apparent they had to leave the country. When they told the officials they were leaving the country, an auction was held of everything in their home. Laura had to stand in lines and give her jewelry to Hitler! Most Jews left Germany with nothing. Laura’s father traveled a lot and he stashed money away for his family. They got turned away from the United States, and were told to come back in a few years. With this they fled to Shang Hi where Laura’s father Max opened a night club. It was a very popular night club, where they held 5 o’clock tea every day. This is where Laura met her husband Hans Reiss, an accomplished pianist from Austria. Laura and Hans got engaged on her father’s birthday, and Laura was married at 17 years old. They lived very well in Shang Hi until the Japanese came and they had to move to a designated area. This was the last year of the war. After the war, their first son was born and they moved to Tsing Tao where their second son was born. They lived there for two years until the communist came to China, and they had to move again. Laura came to the United States with her two sons, but Hans had to stay behind until he could get papers to go to Austria and then come to the United Sates. They settled in Newark, New Jersey and spent the summers in the Catskill Mountains until moving to Cleveland, Ohio and then finally Florida where Hans got a job. They lived on Miami Beach until building a house in North Miami Beach, where they lived for 35 years. Unfortunately, Hans passed away while on a walk with Laura. He passed away in her arms. Laura stayed in her home until she broke her hip and moved to the Imperial Club, where she takes part in many activities and exercise classes. We are very happy to have you here, Laura, in our Imperial Club family.

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