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Meet Imperial Club Resident – Marilyn Cooper

Marilyn Cooper was born November 19, 1927, in Chicago, Illinois. She was the first child of three and the first grandchild on both sides of the family. Her mother, Fritz Hoffman was a housewife and her father Albert Hoffman worked for checker taxi in Chicago. He worked there for years and never drove a taxi. Marilyn, went to elementary and high school in Chicago and after graduation, she wanted to start working and obtained a job at Sears and Roebuck . Her aunt worked there and helped her get the position. Her mother was very annoyed when she quit her job, because after five years, you become a stock holder. She then obtained another position working for a manufacturer of women’s slacks, which was a wonderful job for her. She did all the buying of the fabrics for the factory, and traveled a lot with her position. Marilyn was introduced to Joseph Rovin, her future husband, by their mothers. Joseph was in the food industry and was one of the inventors of plastic garbage bags and he started the first company that sold them. Marilyn and Joseph were married in 1954 and had their first child, a son, Robert in 1956. They had another son Alan. Robert has two daughters and Alan has one son. Marilyn & Joseph were married for 16 years and unfortunately he passed away. From the day Marilyn met her husband, she spent her time taking care of her children and became very active in the Synagogue . She was the president of the Women’s Club and vice president of the Hebrew Schools. Herman Cooper was an official at the synagogue and was also a widower. They knew each other, but not good friends, until 1987, they were married a year later. Marilyn & Herman had a wonderful life together traveling a great deal, going on cruises, trips to Europe and to Israel. He was a wonderful friend to Marilyn’s children and Herman had two daughters, two grandsons and two great granddaughters. They had a beautiful apartment at The Point, where they made many friends. Herman wasn’t feeling well at the time and unfortunately 6 months after they were here, he passed away. This was 16 years after they were married the exact amount of years Marilyn was married to Joseph her first husband. Marilyn moved to the Imperial Club shortly after and has met the most wonderful “young and old people,” she says, and has made wonderful friends here.

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