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Meet Imperial Club resident, Mary Freedman

Mary Freedman was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts, on February 9, 1923. Her parents were Rose and Benjamin Boone. Her dad was a tailor, her mother a dress maker. They emigrated from their home in Poland, in 1900 and were married in the U.S.A. in 1926. They parented three children, all girls, one of whom is Mary. In 1941, Mary graduated from Chelsea High School and went to work in a factory that manufactured clocks for the U.S. Navy. She worked there until 1945, when she took a job as a bookkeeper for the Metro Waste and Clothing Company. Later on she became a buyer for a retail hat company (what a surprise) in Boston. Then, after a short romance, at the age of 27, she married George Freedman, a government immigration inspector in New York. His job involved greeting the arrivals to America. Because he was located at a popular arrival point, Kennedy International Airport, he had the opportunity of meeting many well-known personalities, including such names as the Beatles. He obtained autographs of many well-known folks. After their marriage, the Freedman’s moved to New York and lived in Kew Gardens, Long Island. Later they had two children. When her husband was transferred to Logan International Airport, they moved to Massachusetts, and Mary went to work for Loehmann’s in Swampscot, Mass.. The children attended college in that state. Mary’s son became an executive with Loehmann’s, while her daughter was a medical secretary. Then in 1985, after her children were married, the Freedman’s moved to Florida. Mary got a job as a cosmetic consult-ant. Earlier, while at Loehmann’s, she started a collection of hats (what else). This should prove as no surprise to anyone who knows Mary. In 1983 they moved to Aventura, Florida, where Mary was employed as a cosmetic consultant for department stores. Then, in 2009, the Freedman’s moved to the Imperial Club. Unfortunately her husband became ill and passed away shortly thereafter. Mary engages in many activities and rides the courtesy bus for her shopping trips. For those of you who have never met Mary, let me give you a hint, look for a diminutive lady wearing a colorful hat. You can’t miss her.

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