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Meet Imperial Club Resident – Selma Belle Ross

Selma Belle Ross was born in 1924, in the Bronx ,N.Y. on February 28th, to Sarah and Saul Soble. She attended grade school in the Bronx and high school in Long Beach , N. Y. and two years at Hunter College. She met and married Harold Davidson at age 19, who was completing his law degree at New York University, before being called to service in the Air Corp. After a weekend honeymoon, Harold was shipped out to complete 35 missions in Europe. To their good fortune, Lt. Davidson returned home to his 1 year old beautiful baby daughter Lauren. He soon found work in a law firm, but eventually was happier in the booming real estate business. Their second child, son Gerald was born in 1949, In Long Beach, N.Y., their permanent residence. With loving assistance of her mother and grandmother, Selma could resume her volunteer duties at the Long Beach Memorial Hospital. After 29 years of a happy marriage, Harold passed away at the age of 51 years old. Selma was introduced a year later to Hyman Ross. After only six months. Hyman proposed and they were married for 24 blissful years. “ Hyman discovered that I had never been west of Chicago, and so he decided to show me the world. We traveled intensively and moved to Florida.” Selma, joined the Brandies National Women’s Committee and soon after accepted the presidency of the North Dade Aventura Chapter for three years, bringing the membership from 150 to 300. Hy Ross passed in 1998 and Selma’s life took another turn when her sister Gloria introduced her to her best friend’s brother, Fred Solymos, of York, Pa., with whom she kept a beautiful friendship for seven years. Selma’s daughter Lauren came to live with her because her medical condition prevented her from working. Shortly thereafter Selma’s brother Steve convinced her to move into the wonderful Imperial Club. It was the best move they could have made.

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