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Meet Imperial Club Resident, William Green

To the Green Family “Mayday” it was not a nautical call for help, rather it was a day of celebration for the birth of their son, William on May 1, 1931. William Green was born in Bialostok, Poland. His parents, Josef and Zelda Slonim, Bill’s father & uncle, created the first kosher cheese which they manufactured throughout the area and eventually throughout the world. As a result, Bill’s family became enormously wealthy. However, their good life came to an end in 1942 when their town was invaded by the Nazis, wiping out virtually all the Jews except a few who managed to hide out. Among those survivors were Bill Green and his family who were hidden away in a private bunker. They managed to escape and hide away in a nearby forest where they managed to survive with the help of some friendly Christians. After a while they managed to reach Austria and within a year, with help of another organization, they were on their way to America. Eventually, with the help of relatives, they settled in Brooklyn. It was there that Bill continued in a profession he learned in Austria, Technical Dentistry, more commonly known as a dental technician. He taught and lectured on mechanical dentistry and was quite successful receiving as much as $1000 an hour for his lectures Bill retired in the year 2000 and lived for 13 years in Sunny Isles. Most recently, Bill discovered the good life offered here at the Imperial Club, and joined our happy family.

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