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Meet Imperial Club Residents, Joey & Elayne

Elayne, the girl from Philadelphia, PA, and Joey, the kid from Atlantic City, NJ, met when they were in their very early teens. She was the “girl who stepped out of the bandbox,” and he was “that tall, skinny, cute guy with too much curly hair.” She wasn’t too impressed with him at first, but as time went by, that changed. By Halloween 1941, they knew they were very much in love. In 1943, they were married. At 17 and 19 years of age, most folks thought that they would never “make it last.” It’s now 2013, and they’ve been happily married for 70 years! Over their lives together, he’s been in all sorts of businesses. In some, he was the “hired help,” and in others he was “the boss.” They’ve owned a corner deli in Atlantic City, NJ, and two leather goods stores in Miami’s old “Fashion District.” He was happily accepted as a manager of The Cartier boutique in Fort Lauderdale Fl. And was also a branch manager for Honeywell. Elayne was the buyer and partner of the stores in Miami and became a senior counselor for American Saving in Miami. She’s been a full charge bookkeeper, a business partner, and a buyer. In 1945 they welcomed their first child, a baby girl. And, in 1950 they welcomed their second child, also a baby girl. With lots of loving care and strong values, they both did whatever they had to do to raise their daughters to be strong and independent women. The girls were always taught to believe that they could achieve anything they wanted as long as they worked hard and kept their focus. As parents, they were both full time and fully involved in their girls’ lives. Their daughters always felt totally loved, safe, and secure, very important things. Throughout their married lives, Joey and Elayne have had to deal with some pretty serious and difficult problems (as do most couples). Because of their deep and abiding love and respect for one another, and their ability to always communicate with one another, they managed to fight their way through serious illnesses, injuries, and losses. Together, they always came out whole, and totally devoted to one another. They are survivors! Over the years they have lived in PA, NJ, and FL. Wherever they went, they always kept their “old” (from early childhood) friends and made lots of “new” friends. Fun, bright, cheerful, and kind, they make friends easily and hold on to those friends for a l-o-n-g time. Their bodies may be showing signs of age, but their minds and personalities are young, sharp, and positive. Today, Joey and Elayne have two daughters, three granddaughters, and three great granddaughters – all of whom they love very much (and all the girls love them too). Each one has benefited from the basis of family, learned from the family matriarch and patriarch. Not bad for two kids who eloped with only $10.00 they borrowed from some friends.

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