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Mistake #4: When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Choosing an Assisted Living Community

Mistake#4: They wait too long to move. 

Unfortunately, the majority of seniors and their adult children (who oftentimes help influence the decision to move) wait until a medical event occurs before considering that Mom and/or Dad needs a different lifestyle.  This can come in the form of a fall and hip break, an unexpected surgery and hospital stay or just the sudden realization that a parent has become far too dependent on others for help with the normal activities of daily living.  Much of the time, a senior will say “I’m not ready yet” but this begs the question, when is the right time to make a move that will make things so much easier and more comfortable?  Wise seniors realize it is far better to make the move on their timeline with plenty of time to go through and plan which furniture pieces to take and which to pass on to grandkids, etc.  A chaotic, hurried move in a crisis situation as a result of a hospital stay only adds stress to an already stressful situation.  Far better to make decisions in a non-crisis mode when everyone can take their time and make the best choice for both parents and adult children alike.

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