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Resident Spotlight: Alice Vinik

Alice Vinik was born in Bilapodlaska, Poland in 1925 to Dave & Sonia Weinglass. At the early age of 3 years old, Alice started to attend school, but she didn’t really like it. She spent most of her summers in Warsaw with her mother’s family. Alice’s childhood was very difficult. She remembers the day of September 1, 1939, when she was supposed to start junior high school. A bomb blasted the city, and she never went back to school. Russians marched the city for two weeks and took everything, and when the German’s came it was worse! Alice and her father escaped to the Russian side, and then her mother joined them. Later, they were detained by the Russians and sent to North Siberia. She spent two years in the Taiga, which has the most extreme weather on earth. Alice chopped wood in the winter, and harvested mushrooms and blueberries in the summer. She and her family were watched 24/7 by the NKWD the Russian Secret Service. During this time she had one purpose in life, “to stay alive.” Alice met her first husband, Max, in central Asia and they were married in Poland in 1946. Her first child, Esther, was born in Germany and years later her second child, Jay was born, in the USA. The family moved to New Jersey until her husband unfortunately died in a car explosion. Alice met her second husband, Harold. They were married, and lived a happy life on Miami Beach with Esther, Jay and Harold’s daughter Jennifer.

Alice was very involved in charity through the Jewish Federation and was a very well-known interpreter for the Russian Jewish immigrants who relocated to Miami. She moved to the Imperial Club in December of 2014 and is very happy here. Alice says, “At this time in my life, what matters most is to be healthy and have everything I need, so the remaining years will come in peace.” She is a great example of strength and kindness. Welcome, Alice to our Imperial Club Family.

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