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Resident Spotlight: Dean Schulman

Dean Schulman was born in Houston Texas, March 18, 1931, to Harry and Ethel Schulman. He was one of 4 children; unfortunately one of his sisters passed away at a very young age from influenza. The family moved from Houston to Bryan, Texas where Dean attended elementary school. Dean’s grandfather, who owned movie theaters, passed away and his son, Deans uncle, became his father’s partner, Dean’s father eventually got out of the movie theater business and opened a restaurant in the 1930s. Dean’s aunt who owned five movie theaters offered Dean a job so the family moved to New Orleans. Dean worked for his Aunt as an usher, while going to high school. He enlisted in the Army, where he was an engineer for two years. When Dean can home to New Orleans in 1953, he met his future wife, Hella at the Jewish Community Center. They were married in 1956 and had two children, a daughter, who works for Jewish Family Services, and lives in So Florida, and a son who is a chef that lives in Maryland with his wife and 2 children. Dean retired after many years of driving a Taxi Cab, which he owned, in New Orleans. Unfortunately Deans wife passed away a few years ago and his daughter who lives in So. Florida, insisted he move from New Orleans to Florida. Dean really didn’t want to move, but he gave in and moved to the Imperial Club. So now we know why Dean is such a movie buff….. He grew up in movie theater industry. If you ever need to know anything about any old movies, just ask Dean. He’s usually sitting in the plaza with a head set on watching an old movie on his lab top. Nice to have you here with us, Dean, at the Imperial Club.

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