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Resident Spotlight – Eli

Eli was born in New York City’s lower east side, in 1920 making him a nice 94 years old. Prior to joining the New York Police Department, he had a colorful life. When he was 18 years old, his father helped him buy a brand new GMC truck for $700, and a truck body for $400. Eli immediately went to work for the Works Progress Administration, until the truck was paid off, and then he went into business for himself. He would ride the highways and stop at auto repair stations buying old radiator batteries, and anything he could sell and make a few dollars. He lived this way until Eli met his wife, who had recently passed on; they were happily married for 73 years. Funny that when he went for the marriage license in 1940, his wife could sign for it because she was 18 years old, but, Eli had to have his mother sign for it because he wasn’t 21 years old. Their marriage resulted in having two wonderful daughters that visit him daily long with his 11 great grandchildren. Eli moved to the Imperial Club about a year ago and he is so happy to be among so many friendly people and enjoying his retirement from the New York’s finest. He was a police officer and later became a detective. Eli was also the co-founder of Colt 45 Malt Liquor, and was involved with the business from 1964-2004. He has made some wonderful friends here at the Imperial Club, and loves the piano player and keeps busy all day long. “It’s nice to see everyone here enjoying the days and evenings keeping busy with all types of entertainment, great food and good company.” He hopes to be around until at least till 100 years old, and he will let you know how he is doing. He hopes everyone is enjoying the way of life here at Imperial Club. Incidentally, the photo of Eli was taken when he entered the Police Academy, when he was 23 years old, a long time ago. The Imperial Club is happy you are here with us. And we are going to celebrate when you reach 1oo years young. Welcome to our family.

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