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Resident Spotlight: Emery Lang

At the age when many Americans consider themselves officially old, Emery Lang was looking to take up a new sport. When he was 65, and the athlete’s body of his youth was showing some wear and tear, what could he do to stay fit?.. Rowing. That was over 25 years ago, and since then, he’s won three gold medals in Hungarian national regattas and second and fourth place honors in the Senior Division at three world championships. “It’s a total sport because you use everything,” says Lang , who belongs to the Miami Beach Rowing Club. Lang’s routine was be at Indian Creek by 8am, three days a week in his 28 pound fiberglass rowing shell and then row for at least an hour 7,000 meters. “In five movements, I’m already at full speed,” says the father of three, and grandfather of five. Celebrating his 93rd birthday in May, Lang is the second oldest competitive rower in the world. The days he’s not rowing he swims, goes to the gym and rows on his rowing machine he has out by the pool at Imperial Club. He prefers rowing solo because “you’re totally dependent on yourself,” a quality that appealed to youthful Emery Lang when he took up field and track events. Emerging from Nazi labor camps, having kept his physique intact, he helped rehabilitate Holocaust survivors in refugee camps around Europe. He joined a soccer team, became a physical trainer and won the Belgian National Pentathlon championship in 1946. In 1948, after losing his family in the war, he headed to New York, then to Florida. He was hired onto a crew that was building Miami Beach’s Sherry Frontenac Hotel and returned every winter for four years as a personal trainer to tourists. “I’m very happy that he has something that interests him,” says Madelaine Lang, his wife of 58 years. He was always very active, an athlete, and it comes naturally to him. He has the discipline to do things even when they are hard. ” Looking at him makes you feel that old age isn’t so bad. Lang credits a lifetime of fitness for his ability to keep active. A 32 year old rowing coach at the rowing club, calls Emery Lang ,”amazing.” “After having spinal surgery and double hip replacement, he rows like a kid. He’s one in a million!”

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