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Resident Spotlight Flora Walter

Flora Walter was born in Oakland, California, on March 29 1929, to Bert and Lucille Walter. She graduated from San Francisco State University, as a special needs education teacher, and worked since graduation in the San Francisco school district, for more than 30 years. She was devoted to her work with children with special needs. She enjoyed working with children, because she was able to help them improve their lives. Flora never married, she chose to take care of her very ill mother. When her mother passed away, Flora moved to Florida, where she lived at Century Village, until she felt she couldn’t live alone anymore. Two years ago she moved to the Imperial Club, and is very happy here, she says, ”all the staff on the third floor have become like family to me.” Flora enjoys the activities and exercise daily. Joy for her means to wake up, share with people, read, knit, watch movies and listening to music. In the past she loved to dance, to go shopping and have a glass of good red wine. Flora traveled every summer during vacation time and visited many countries around Europe. She also traveled to China and Australia. She loves to meet different people, and enjoys food and cultures from all around the world. Flora says, “I have had a very wonderful, happy and interesting life.” The quotation Flora lives by is “Be kind and honest.” We are very happy to have you here Flora, at Imperial Club.

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