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Summer Outdoor Activities For Seniors

Although our retirement community offers a variety of activities that are already planned, it is good to have a healthy balance of doing things with just you and your spouse, a few friends, or even family members. According to, simple activities in the outdoors, regardless of what it is, are “going to be mentally uplifting.” This site says instead of focusing on what you can’t do or being overwhelmed by potential challenges, focus on what you can do and enjoy. Here are some suggestions from
1. Catch a sporting event. This could be a grandchild’s soccer game or attending a professional game.
2. Fish for fun. For folks who enjoy fishing, you can cast a rod from a pier or other location, even if someone is wheelchair bound.
3. Be a tourist. If you live in a city, take an open-air bus or trolley tour to see the local sights. Another option could be a boat tour.
4. Take a dip. For some folks, it may just be putting a foot in the pool, while others may be able to handle low-impact water aerobics.
5. Stroll around. If a walk is possible, start slow. Try three or four minutes in one direction, turning around and coming back.
6. Be a bird lover. If you have a birdhouse, bird feeder or bird bath in your yard, checking on those daily can give someone a reason to go outside.
7. Pedal around. Rent a three-wheeled bicycle, which are easier to mount and ride, and also could offer back support.
8. Go fly a kite. Head to a park or beach and get a kite soaring.
9. Picnic outdoors. Picnics are another park or playground activity. It’s fun to watch children run around or enjoy the buzz of outdoor activity.
10. Celebrate the holidays. From Memorial Day concerts to Fourth of July fireworks, there are plenty of community events this spring and summer with opportunities for seniors to get out and be part of the crowd, all of which we offer at our community!

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