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A Message About COVID-19

A Message About COVID-19

We at Imperial Club are thankful that we’ve not experienced the same impacts of COVID-19 on the well-being of our residents and staff that you may have seen in other communities.

This has not been simply by chance (though we do consider ourselves lucky), but by the hard work of both residents and staff and our company in many ways…

  • We’ve made vaccines available to all residents and staff. We were one of the first communities to have both rounds of vaccinations available on-site to all that wanted to be vaccinated.
  • We’ve adopted a diligent daily cleaning program, paying attention to CDC recommended cleaning methods and solutions
  • We’ve made hand sanitizing stations available throughout the apartment community
  • We’ve made information available on a daily basis through our private in-house television channel so that residents can be informed
  • We’ve communicated with our residents and their families about our Coronavirus efforts, through emails, on-site notices, and more. The very few times we’ve experienced possible exposure, we proactively communicated this throughout the apartment community instead of keeping it quiet
  • We’ve reduced in-person dining, and made complimentary room service available to all residents
  • We’ve suspended high-contact activities and adopted a range of new socially distanced activities, taking advantage of our large pool deck and other spaces whenever possible
  • We strictly adhere to CDC and DOH recommendations regarding visitors, screening each person who arrives at Imperial Club
  • We’ve provided alternative methods to communication for our residents, including devices for Skype or Facetime calls
  • Each of our residents has a private apartment home, bathroom, kitchenette, and most importantly a private HVAC system, not a shared room like at many other senior living communities
  • We’ve regularly screened and tested our staff and have provided our staff the ability to be away without penalty if they have symptoms or exposure to COVID
  • We – from day one – have stocked a large quantity of PPE, including gloves, masks, shields, gowns, cleaning supplies, and much more. We require that our staff use fresh PPE at all times, no matter the cost
  • We’ve switched our food operations to having disposable flatware and packaging so that residents can rest assured they’re getting fresh dishware with each meal
  • We trained our staff about COVID even before the shutdowns began. All staff members were trained as the virus was getting nearer to the area but before required.  This helped our teams take proactive action

These are just a few of the more than three dozen ways we fight to keep residents from being exposed to Coronavirus (COVID-19).  But we couldn’t do it without our residents and their families being understanding, patient, and helping us follow good practices to avoid the spread.

We hope that we’re nearing the end of this pandemic now that vaccinations are on the rise and cases are going downward.  But we will remain diligent and ask that you will as well.  We’ll get through this together!



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