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Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

We know the well-being of our residents is of primary concern for both residents and loved ones alike.   We offer…

All of our residents enjoy a 24/7 on-site concierge, who helps residents with everything from welcoming and confirming visitors to contacting the residents’ loved ones if needed.  We accept most packages – from delivery services such as UPS, Amazon, FedEx and others, and including most pharmacy and medical equipment deliveries as well.  Our concierge is just a visit to the concierge desk or a phone call away should you need something.

A private, uniformed security company is on-site at varying times throughout the week.

All of our apartment homes are located on upper floors.  All of the apartment homes have deadbolts so that residents can lock their own doors.  Many people like this arrangement instead of apartments which open to the outdoors.

All of our apartment homes and their appurtenances are individual.  From HVAC, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and of course bedrooms, there’s no need to share a room like at most other senior living communities.

Residents can utilize a buddy system of friends to check on them and keep them company – much better than being alone in a home or condominium.

A range of third-party care takers are available depending on your needs and budget (many of which accept insurance as well).

We can help arrange well-being checks of our residents by their emergency contact persons on an occasional basis.

On-site amenities such as a full-service restaurant, activities, private motor coach, and other amenities help give mom and dad an option to avoid cooking, driving, negotiating crowded places, and other nuisances of daily living.

An adjacent parking area and complementary valet service (during business hours) is available to bring your vehicle to the front door at your convenience.

For the protection of the building, emergency exits are alarmed and cameras are often in use.

Modifications to apartments (such as additional grab bars) are available upon request.

A call-for-aid pendant system is included for every resident (in an emergency, residents should always dial 9-1-1 first!)

And, in the unfortunate event they’re ever needed, the Miami-Dade Fire Department (including emergency medical services) and the Aventura Police Department are a quick call away.  Having a private police force is just another reason the affluent town of Aventura enjoys much lower crime than other areas of South Florida.

 Please Note: No senior living community can guarantee safety or well-being of residents, inside or outside of the community.  However, as a thoughtful, caring community, we take great strides to help residents stay well, access public emergency services, and generally have more resources available to residents than they might have living in their own houses or condominiums.

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